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I enjoy just the Kickass Torrents. It was the first good torrent website I found following years of struggle to get the desired torrents. Kickass torrent is a reliable torrent sharing platform that offers not only 100 percent checked and legitimate torrents but also guarantees that even the best torrents in any type get the attention of the user.

Is torrent Kickass blocked in your region? It's clear that, once they are popular, many torrents sites start to get blocked. This is like one of the most famous torrent sites, too; KAT. KAT consumers are therefore really active in using it however the case might be. That's when this Kickass proxy or KAT Proxy sites show up. In this post, you'll discover some of Kickass torrents' best functioning proxy sites along with their availability and speed.

I must say the proxy pages are a true paradise for all torrent fans. They are the reason why these torrents can still be reached even though they are blocked. Thanks to all the torrent lovers and webmasters for their great love of these KAT proxy sites.

List of Kickass Proxy sites/ Mirror sites

Kickass Proxy/Mirror Status Speed ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Fast

Whatever your geographical location, this list of Kickass proxy sites can help make use of your favorite torrent tracker. For your convenience the information is received on the state and speed of the servers.

How to Unblock Kickass Torrent Website

There are essentially two ways to unblock torrents of kickass when it is blocked. Both these two approaches are to use kickass proxy sites which place your privacy at risk again. The easiest way to achieve so is to use Kickass Mirror pages along with a VPN Program, or only an application would do the job.

TOR Browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is a community of individual networks which help us communicate anonymously. Then you can use this browser to unblock any limited website.

Web Proxy (Not preferred)

This is the first move to access blocked pages at school, such as YouTube , Facebook and Twitter etc. Here's a list of most popular proxy pages. You can use one of them, and unblock Torrent Kickass.


VPN is a more secure approach. At the same time, they unblock the sites giving security and anonymity. Here's a list of best VPNs you can use to anonymously search the torrent pages.

Alternative Kickass torrents

If none of the kickass torrents work for you or would like to take a look at other solutions, you can search the alternatives to the kisass torrents below. In reality, in some ways, some of those alternatives could be better than kickass torrents.

  • The Pirate Bay:

Although the Pirate Bay changes a lot, it's been around for a very long time in some way or another. It is considered one of the most common torrent download sites, which included features that allow you to see if a seeder is trusted. The search engine is fully usable, and typically uploads are freely accessible for new content.

You may have some difficulty navigating the app because it moves around quite a lot, but once you've got the app, you can quickly find what you're searching for. We recommend searching for VIP seeders because this is a perfect sign that the content is secure and you won't need to deal with any possible malware issues.

  • RARBG:

When you're interested heavily in film, RARBG is the best place to explore. This has an extensive page of information, which will give you everything you need to know about your files. Furthermore, the top 10 chart should make sure you recognize a movie's success and make new movies easy to find.


If you are trying to stop potentially false torrents, TORLOCK is one of the best sites. Navigating the web is very simple, and it features a huge content library which you can use. It also features a Top 100 list telling you what you need to know about the most popular content on the web today.

What we love is that TORLOCK is currently paying $1 to its users for any bogus torrent they find on the internet. They have more than 5 million checked torrents, according to the site, which will guarantee you get what you're searching for while downloading.


If films are your passion and you want all the new films, YTS.AM / YTS.AG is going to be one of the best places you can start checking out. The websites concentrate only on movies and feature a huge catalog to ensure you can find what you're searching for. The torrents on your bandwidth are also known to be truly fast.

It also has a large user base of dedicated seeders to ensure any of your favorite content can be downloaded of minimal effort and waiting times.

  • TorrentDownloads:

TorrentDownloads is another of those sites that can have simple, succinct content torrents for you. The platform has a simple details page, so it would be easy to find something that you may be searching for with a huge database. All the details about each of the torrents you might be downloading is also shown. If you are searching for book torrents, then torrent downloading will be your best choice.

The site also has a feedback section that encourages users to rate the torrents once downloaded, making it easy to spot possible bogus torrents that help the group find what they are searching for. If you are searching for stable torrents it is one of the top choices.

  • Torrentz2

Although not a torrent site in and of itself, Torrentz2 is an archive that lets users locate the best torrents from a large list of various torrent sites for the content they 're searching for. It will allow you to search some of the current torrent sites and find the right choice to satisfy your requirements. It's nice to discover older material you may have trouble searching by yourself.

  • EZTV

While ETTV has accused them of stealing their content, the site is still online. You may not be able to find anything you are searching for here, but it is regularly well-rated for the material of high quality. One of the downsides is that from time to time the web will go down but still finds a way to reappear.

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